ONE 2019-05-22

BB Stable
Reason: Harmony is committed to building a new generation of blockchain-based networks. Harmony intends to achieve a fully scalable, secure and low energy consumption blockchain based on sharding architecture. In addition to its innovation of blockchain architecture, Harmony has also improved and adapted existing methods in terms of its consensus mechanism, random number generation method, block synchronization mechanism, message transmission process, P2P network layer protocol, token incentive mechanism, and more; forming its own unique innovation to space.

EVT 2019-05-09

BB Stable
Reason: EveriToken is the world's first public chain based on CIS economy and safe contracts. The platform has provided blockchain solutions in CIS economy application scenarios for many companies and institutions in traditional industries,the project is rather practical. In summary, TokenInsight has rated EveriToken as BB and has a stable outlook.

IOEX 2019-05-02

B Stable
Reason: ioeX (Internet of Everything) is a network based on distributed smart devices. ioeX hopes to deliver business value, protect data security and build a platform for sharing data services through its own ecosystem and network. ioeX aiming to tackle the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, and will put forward its own solutions based on their team's own understanding of the industry. Compared with other projects, ioeX positioning is more accurate, and clearly identifies major pain points within the industry. Thus, ioeX is expected to solve practical and real-world problems.

DUO 2019-04-30

BB Stable
Reason: DUO Network is a decentralized derivatives trading platform. On the one hand, it has created a unique set of risk avoidance methods for encrypted digital assets through risk classification, including smart contract for financing classified token and multi-space classified token under CAT mechanism. On the other hand, a series of encrypted asset options is designed through professional knowledge such as trading and portfolio management, including smart contract such as plain vanilla options token and binary options token. It is expected to realize the issuance, trading and settlement of derivatives on DUO DEX, which is still under continuous development in DUO Network. The project is still in its early stage of development. Whether DUO DEX can finally land, and whether the grading mechanism really meets the needs of users on the market could not be judged for now. In summary, TokenInsight gave DUO a rating of BB and a stable outlook.

TRY 2019-04-30

BB Stable
Reason: As an underlying public chain project, Trias proposes a relatively innovative design in terms of its consensus mechanism and the idea of power separation. Trias also adopts a hardware solution by building Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to achieve correct executions of general-purpose software. A potential problem of Trias is that its consensus mechanism creates ‘super nodes’, which decreases the extent of decentralization of Trais system. In summary, TokenInsight gave Trias project a BB rating with a stable outlook.
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