Tokoin 2019-08-22

B Stable
Reason: TOKOIN use the blockchain technology to foster local MSMEs' development through providing selectively opened and accurate credit evaluation. The project aims to form a reliable, effective platform that bridges MSMEs and financial institutions, which gives the project advantages in the Indonesian market. Currently, TOKOIN already attracted MSME users in Indonesia. The project gathered resourceful investors and advisors with rich experience in the local MSMEs' development. Blockchain is utilised to form credit varification and reward enterprises TOKO token based on the transactions they made within TOKOIN ecosystem. At present, problems are shown in the underdevelopment of digital identity credit scoring. And the overall operation mechanism requires further development.

LOL 2019-08-14

B Stable
Reason: The project has a certain amount of real users and landing application scenarios, mainly targeting the Latin American market. The two developed apps, Bermi and Berminal, have unique products and geographical advantages, but there is still room for improvement compared with similar centralized products. There are plenty of application scenarios for EMOGI tokens. Users can get token rewards by publishing high-quality content, participating in voting and community building. It can also be utilized for offline payment, online payment and cross-border payment. The team is equipped with good management and technical personnel, with detailed position division and relevant industry experience.

XZC 2019-08-08

B Stable BB Stable
Reason: Rating update reason: Zcoin’s 30-day price volatility reduced; in the secondary market, its ranking and proportion of market capitalization in relevant industry increased slightly; the media popularity improved; the number of total addresses increased; the financial report is promised to be disclosed. In addition, its latest zero-knowledge protocol Sigma has been launched recently. Overall, the project has a good development prospect.

INFT 2019-07-26

BB Stable
Reason: Infinito Wallet was launched in 2017 with the original intention of asset storage scheme featuring multi-currency, multi-chain and multi-wallet, and the Infinito started to build an ecological environment conducive to the development and use of blockchain applications in early 2019.The wallet has become more popular in 2019, and the industry is growing at the same time as it is saturated. Infinito Wallet supports many kinds of tokens and has a large user base, laying the foundation for the follow-up development.The Project focuses on constructing a blockchain ecosystem in hopes to attract more users to the Infinito ecosystem through a more convenient and streamlined user experience. Infinito wants to ensure that the communication between developers and users proceeds smoothly, and to make blockchain space user-friendly, safe and beneficial. Furthermore, Infinito aims to address the problems faced by the users, developers and applications, and thereby creating an ecosystem that breeds a good supply-demand relationship.

AKRO 2019-07-12

B Positive
Reason: Akropolis applies DeFi as a solution to informal economic sectors such as pensions and has put forward a set of complete schemes, providing traditional AFOs with a credible, transparent and equitable platform. Akropolis is now an project on Polkadot ecosystem and has reached an in-depth collaboration with the ChainX team.


TokenInsight’s rating system is widely accepted by several leading investment firms, including Matrix Partners China, Susquehanna International Group (SIG), Draper Dragon, Fenbushi Capital. We are dedicated towards providing accurate cryptocurrency ratings based on risk and quality in order to help investors and institutions to reduce liabilities and make more intelligent financial decisions.
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TokenInsight's Dynamic Score has a complete system of variables and records real-time data, providing excellent ability to illustrate the projects' historic.


TokenInsight considers the project team as one of the most essential factors when evaluating token risks. Team qualification and validity are currently extremely important in the rating process as most token projects are still at an early stage of development. We define the project team as multiple groups involved in the project, including operating and technology teams, industry consultants, external investing institutions, compliance advisors and foundations. Based on this definition, we thoroughly review and verify various group members to ensure the accuracy and credibility of our rating information. Meanwhile, TokenInsight keeps an eye on every project team and adjusts reviews in a timely manner to respond to personnel changes.


Being the foundation of risk evaluation, project evaluation conducts an overall technical economic evaluation on the project’s program, design and operation of the project from a holistic perspective so that the project outlook and future development can be accurately predicted. Therefore, TokenInsight performs assessments in terms of technology, market valuation, business model, project landing and more. Due to ratings being highly vulnerable to technology updates, business model updates, market variation and other alterable factors, TokenInsight promises to track down each project for a relatively long time to ensure that the published project ratings are timely and accurate.


The ecological context of token projects is closely related to its vitality. Therefore, environmental assessment is one of the most important factors in the evaluation of token risks. Based on our observation, the vitality of a project in the early stages of the blockchain industry usually depends on its ability to expand horizontally and vertically. Therefore, TokenInsight performs a credible ecological assessment on the token mechanism, cooperating institutions, secondary markets, popularity, and some other aspects, and demonstrates the project's environmental viability. In addition to the rapid growth of the blockchain industry, the ecological status of the project is given more importance and attention. TokenInsight provides accurate information for the environmental assessment of the project by monitoring the crypto market in real time.


Rating outlooks: These are opinions regarding the likely direction of an token’s rating over next 3-12 months, which are determined by changes in industries, operations, financial status, etc. Rating outlooks fall into the following four categories: Positive, Negative, Stable, and Developing (Contingent upon an event)

Rating watchlist: A token is placed on the watchlist typically because of certain events, including but not limited to fork of blockchain, hack and loss of token, delayed delivery of products, failure to launch, etc. When a token is placed on the watchlist, its rating is likely to be adjusted in short term, but whether and how the rating will be adjusted remains to be determined and depends on further information and analysis. TokenInsight will attempt to conclude a formal review within 90 days. Ratings are placed on the watchlist under three categories: Positive, Negative, and Developing.

When a rating is initially determined, a rating outlook is concurrently assigned. When a token is put in the watchlist, its rating outlook expires while its rating remains. For tokens on the watchlist, a formal review should be concluded within 90 days to determine a change in its rating, outlook, or watchlist category.

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Rating Description:
The technical foundation is extremely solid, the status of operations is extremely stable, the extent of influence on the project by unfavourable changes in the environment or uncertain factors is extremely small, and risk is extremely low.
The technical foundation is very solid, the status of operations is very stable, the extent of influence on the project by unfavourable changes in the environment or uncertain factors is very small, and risk is very low.
The technical foundation is solid, the status of operations is stable, the extent of influence on the project by unfavourable changes in the environment or uncertain factors is relatively small, and risk is relatively low.
Technical feasibility is very good, the status of operations is stable, influence on the project by unfavourable changes in the environment or uncertain factors exists to a certain extent, and risk is controllable.
Technical feasibility is good, the status of operations is relatively stable, the possibility of influence on the project by unfavourable changes in the environment or uncertain factors exists to a relatively large extent, and risk is basically controllable.
Technical feasibility is moderate, the status of operations is relatively stable, the possibility of influence on the project by unfavourable changes in the environment or uncertain factors exists to a very large extent, and risk is to a definitely limited extent controllable.
The technical foundation or idea has certain problems, the application scenarios are limited, the project is susceptible to influence by uncertain factors, both internal and external, and has relatively large risk.
The technical foundation or idea has considerable problems, and application scenarios are highly limited, which makes for a project that has few internal or external factors to consider in the context of sound development, and carries a very large risk.
The technical foundation or idea has substantial problems, and lacks deliberation upon possible application scenarios. The token has almost no usage value, and the project suffers from extremely large risk.
The project is riddled with problems and carries an extremely high risk of failure.
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